a process server only as a paper in the county

3. Sergeant, marshals and police officers sworn peace officers. 4. People: friends, relatives, and other non-registered or licensed. 2. Private detectives and investigators: In most countries, the private detective and investigation of the state, and is exempted from the registration process server license. They can be any person in their employment of legal process, to do so, is considered to be an officer of the court. It is usually not a good idea to have a non-professional service. They usually do not know the laws and regulations involved in the process of providing services, they usually do not know how to fill out the appropriate proof of service. Any one of these could lead to a service is declared null and void, and may cause you lose the case, or at the least force, you start. In addition, many people attempt to evade service and have a better chance to complete professional service. Finally, it is very dangerous to the process of providing services. A lot of people very angry and tried to take it out on the process server. Over the years, I have played more than one server, hit attack with knives or clubs or throwing stones. I have several servers, non-fatal vehicle struck the victim and the three servers is shot dead and several were killed, but did not hit. 1. Registered or licensed process server: in most countries, the process servers to register their county. In some states, such as California, a process server, once registered a county can serve papers in any other county in the state. In some other countries, a process server only as a paper in the county in his or her registration. Most, but not all of the counties in the registration process server require the applicant to be bonded or insured person. In many states, California's non-registered individual may 10 (10) legal documents each year, this is not a party in the hand movements. Namely: the plaintiff or the defendant, and so on. . When the file of the service has been completed, the server must sign an affidavit that the file is the correct service. This is usually the affidavit must be signed under penalty of perjury. A service or to provide legal documents in civil court matters, process server, ie. subpeonas, subpoenas, court orders, various legal notice, in some cases ordered like. The process server is usually divided into four (4) categories: