the back of a taxi followed her

The woman surnamed Zhu, a school in Hefei junior, 20-year-old. She told reporters that, these days, she has been feeling she was being followed, "At first I thought it was me suspicious, and did not take it to heart, but the morning I took a taxi from the Yangtze River to the wholesale market to Feidong city saw that person too suspicious. ' .小朱 yesterday morning, she inadvertently from the taxi rear-view mirror to see the back of a taxi license plate number, and then found the car followed her. "My intuition told me to be followed" in order to validate their own judgment, 小朱 get off near the Feidong Park Road and Yanhe Road intersection. "There are many people, I think even if they are tracking the bad guys, get off there will be no danger." Make her nervous, on the back of the taxi passengers get off also followed. "I found someone stalking me, how can I do it?" Yesterday 10:30 Xu, the Hefei 110 command center received a phone of a woman. The woman told police her a taxi from Hefei to Feidong City, stumbled on the way to the back of a taxi followed her. And her get off, get off also followed the male passenger in the back of a taxi. Police, someone stalking me! "11 o'clock yesterday, the police received a the Chus girl's alarm call Feidong be tracking. Subsequently, the girl let the taxi driver to drive the truck to the police station. Patrol will be tracking the man control of the girl near the police station, the roadside. Unexpected account of this man, he is employed Chus girl's father, "said his father let me protect her!" >>> Incident Junior girls being tracked