with drunk driving

Guardiola club to find a detective firm called Me todo 3, after spending about € 5,000 to hire a detective to monitor his players. Guardiola is not aimless, he monitored objects are those relatively complicated private life superstar, "Whenever Guardiola see the players in the field after the disappointing performance, he would want to know if this is because the private life led to the state decline. "one club in Barcelona who revealed that Ronaldinho, Deco and Eto'o three big was Guardiola most concern, the Hou Pike is monitoring the protagonist. Barcelona spokesman Freisa does not deny the news media broke the news, but he also said that Barcelona was no evidence that Guardiola has hired a detective monitoring players, "We do not care about this news is not true, we interest is not to explore secrets, but the Barcelona become the best club in the world, and we are doing so. " . 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Pique and Shakira romance publicly, subsequently the Guardiola increased Pique monitoring. Detectives were very dedicated, very detailed report of their investigation, such as the September 15, 2010, detectives found Pique and his three friends to listen to a concert of the famous singer Sanz, hearty drinking after the concert and with drunk driving. Even details of Pique drink driving breathalyser display also told Guardiola. Great interest in how Guardiola will coach Bayern, he might put some of the measures taken to Barcelona Munich, such as hiring private detectives to monitor players. According to Spanish media classified newspaper recently broke the news, Guardiola during Barcelona coach had hired private detectives to monitor the private lives of the players, these players, including Ronaldinho, Deco, Samuel Eto'o and love with Shakira skin grams.