patrol the patrol cars

>>> Thriller "Wearing a brown coat, pants wearing pants man out of the car, probably thirty or forty years, the hair is a little sparse, he looked right through me, and I went to the head or turn on." 小朱 said she was particularly tense. "I quickly hit 110, the palms are sweaty, police answered the phone when I can feel my voice is trembling." Because the incident Feidong, followed by 110 police gave Feidong Public Security Bureau, the number 小朱. In car, 小朱 Feidong County Public Security Bureau's telephone call. After receiving the call, the police very seriously, and suggested that Xiaozhu a taxi directly to the area near the police station to. To lead police station tracker "Then I also specifically to the next one selling clothes shop around a bit, came out to find the man opposite buy cigarettes, and from time to time look back to my side." Xiaozhu subsequent standing roadside people happened a taxi after her on a car taxi. Through the window, she saw the man also hurried across the street, waving stopped a taxi and followed her car. . In accordance with the instructions of the police, 小朱 let taxi open to go to the the Feidong Metro police station direction, coming outside the police station, patrol the patrol cars are roadside patrol, 小朱 then taxi parked in a patrol car side, get off and anxiously to tell the police, they have been tracked. "At the time, I pointed to the back of the taxi told police, the passengers in the back of a taxi is a stalker." Police immediately motioned back taxi dock to the side of the road.