The number private detective does not have a law enforcement background

Some countries may specifically include such things as service need a private investigator's license, as well as in these activities, bail enforcement, to protect personal safety and genealogical research. No, although some countries may accept degree in criminal justice, administrative, judicial or police science instead of the experience of minimum requirements. A recent study concluded that nearly 57% of the private detective does not have a college education, Virginia, representatives of the Ministry of Justice. The number private detective does not have a law enforcement background, and then re-enter the industry. This is true, many private detectives have a career in criminal justice, but the bottom line is, private investigators and law enforcement is very different from my experience, very few who make law enforcement type of preparation work, whether it is technically and creatively on their own. Most of them recognize this and seek industry-specific training. Ø obtain or provide information related to the crimes of individuals, groups or corporate identity, habits, business, occupation, knowledge, movement, position, background, associations, transactions, reputation or character. This business needs a rare combination of logic and creativity, it is rare, because the logical people tend to be very creative, and vice versa. Ø Find or recovery of lost or stolen property and unclaimed funds. What is the difference between a private detective and private detective? I really just want to help my friends and family, find old friends or people who owe them money. I need a PI license? . I must have a criminal justice college or university degree? Ø determining the cause of the fire, libel, loss, accident, damage or injury to persons or property responsibility. What kind of person makes a successful private detective? I would like to say that any successful detective must have the ability to communicate. This means, he or she must have the ability to contact with the community, regardless of economic status, race or education. This also means that researchers must have the ability to clearly put forward a simple fact in writing or the complexity of the investigation. The survey is the final results, which take into account the report of the investigation after the end of the transfer of client, which is basically our products. If you can not write pretty good, of course, your reputation will be affected. Nothing. The terms can be used interchangeably, but some countries have chosen to use the "detective", while most of the use of the term "investigation". This is a big problem. Generally, in these countries, it is a requirement you will need to obtain the license, if you have to rent or to accept payment from another person or business, participate in, or provide the following services: Ø protection for use in court of evidence, the board of directors, officers or committee Ø Monitoring If I do not have a college education, a police officer or other law enforcement-related professional background, I have?