when she told him that was tracking

Only cheated for anti-daughter love >>> Reason Men alighted, arguing that he did not know 小朱. Subsequently, the police will take the man to ask of the district police station. This man was anxious, said is 小朱 relatives, friends, is entrusted with the protection 小朱 by 小朱 father. Police asked father 小朱. "Her father said, because her daughter fall in love, in order to prevent her daughter cheated, so please follow the daughter." According to the person in charge of Feidong patrol unit, taking into account that the man really is the girl's family invited, but did not cause harm to the girl, did not take other threats, intimidation and other means to solicit the views of the girl, so that both the parties are gone. "I think this man is ridiculous, to call me Dad wanted him to come over." 小朱 said when she told him that was tracking, tracking by police seize, the father on the phone froze for several seconds, he invited people to protect her, let her explain quickly and civilian police. "I was too shocked to feel weird, why my father and I never talk about." 小朱 said, she had just hung up the phone, the man's cell phone rang, and is the father of 小朱 play the man then handed turn phone 小朱, let it the father and 小朱 explain. The tracker father hired